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Steering Committee

The function of the Steering Committee is to provide cross-sectional oversight and direction to ADAM Energy Forum. The Steering Committee provides an objective view of day to day issues such as membership qualifications, entertainment, programs and finances.

Within the Steering Committee are The Entertainment Committee, The Program Committee and The Finance Committee.

Member Name Company ADAM Office
Mr. Scott Rees Netherland, Sewell & Associates, Inc. President
Mr. David Dunton Bonham Energy Director
Mr. J. Robert Ransone Ransone Consulting LLC Director
Mr. David Rice  Royal Holly Energy, LLC Director
Mr. Randy Click Cisco Energy, LLC Director
Mr. David C. Hopson PetroCap, Inc. Membership Chairman/Social Chairman
Mr. Jon Dormer Anderson King Energy Golf Tournament Chairman
Ms. Ann Hallam Providence Energy Corp. Treasurer
Mr. Ben H. Davis Energy Spectrum Capital  Director
Mr. R.J. Garcia JP Morgan Chase Bank  Director
Ms. Kimberly Lacher  Vendera Resources   Director
Ms. Krystin Bridges 1Derrick  Coordinator


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ADAM Energy Forum Capital Markets Symposium

April 5th, 2018 - 10 AM

Dallas Petroleum Club

Dr. Walt Hart, Lane Britain, Owen Hill and Lester Keliher

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